BAGHEERA   18 minutes, Hindi with English subtitles

Completed in 2018, Bagheera is a proof-of-concept production for a series of films Chris is writing for the Indian market. Shot in the Hindi language, the film has been winning awards and participating in festivals throughout the world.


One evening, Bagheera, the determined young leader of an Indian girl scout troop, is abducted after a meeting with her pack. Using the many skills of her achievement badges to combat her assailant, she serves up a scorching retribution.

Bagheera addresses a major issue facing many societies throughout the world today, the violent denigration of women. Whilst the subject is dark, the message is uplifting and Bagheera reminds us that bravery and resourcefulness are two of humanity’s most powerful tools. A feature film and TV series is currently in development.


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Australian Screen Performances

Chris directed the performances of these young actors from Actor's Management International, Perth, Australia as part of their showreels. Ali Roberts, Chief Exec' of AMI works closely with each actor as they go on to find representation in Hollywood.


Christopher R. Watson:

BA Fine Arts, BA Media Studies 1st

Chris is an experienced writer-director who has shot feature films, TV commercials, music videos and brand centered productions all over the world. He is recognized for his ability to create detailed, emotional performances and arresting visuals.


Chris is well-seasoned traveler who has explored many countries. He holds Australian and British passports, is an experienced SCUBA diver and as a result of some fairly eccentric parenting, could drive a steam locomotive from the age of 4. He is also an accomplished fine artist working in oils.

Over the last four years Chris has spent much of his time living in Mumbai, India where he is developing independent films for the Indian market, focussed on vital global themes.

These productions are designed to primarily resonate with the hearts of Indian audiences, yet also aim to strike a chord with Western territories. Films such as The Lunch Box, 2014, which cost approximately £1.5 million to produce, yet collected ~£12million in worldwide sales, serve as a striking example of why he believes in this approach.

His proof of concept film, Bagheera, is an 18 minute, film-noir, thriller, shot in a dis-used shipyard on the outskirts of Mumbai. Scripted in Hindi language (with English subtitles) the film is intense. With a power-house female lead and original plot, it celebrates the extraordinary social development of modern India and emancipation of women throughout the world.

The film has been winning awards in festivals all over the world and is being developed into a feature length production.

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